Que. - How does My Shaving Club membership work?

Ans. - It's very easy. You Join the America's most loved shaving club by selecting a razor that suits your life style and creating an account with your shipping and billing address. In your first order, we ship you a handle along with the razors. Depending on your plan selected, we send you high quality, American made razors to your door step every month or every other month. You are free to cancel anytime, with no commitment.

Que. - Why should I join My Shaving Club?

Ans. Because we offer a doorstep delivery every month or every other month which is convenient and easy. So, you save not only on your trips to the grocery store but also on the middle men and high priced advertisements that you indirectly pay for. Did we tell you? Our razors are made in USA, so feel good inside out.

Que. - How is the Customer Service? My experience is bad with subscription based websites?

Ans. - Our goal at My Shaving Club is to be relentless in your happiness. We realize that our business is the opportunity to serve you. Our credo is to go extra mile for your happiness. And, we are a proud American company.

Que. - When would you ship my razors?

Ans. - We ship within 36 hours of your order. We send you an email with the shipping confirmation and a tracking number so you would know exactly when it comes to your door step.

Que. - Is there a membership fee?

Ans. - Absolutely not. You pay for your razors at a frequency you decide. It’s the smartest way to shave and save.

Que. - How can I cancel my order?

Ans. - You log in to your account. Go to "My Account Tab" and click on cancellation. We are here to help you in case you have any problems or need help.

Que. - How do I edit or change my plan?

Ans. - You log in to your account and click on "Edit Plan", select your new plan and frequency, review your shipping address and click save. You are all set.

Que. - Can I order more than one subscriptions under one account?

Ans. - Unfortunately not right now. But, we are working on it and will have it soon. Please create a new account with a different email and you would be set.

Que. - Can I ship it outside the United States of America?

Ans. - Unfortunately we cannot ship to international addresses. We however, proudly ship to APO addresses.

Que. - How many razors will I receive with my order?

Ans. - With a Dapper I- You receive 2 razor heads (Cartridges) and with a Dapper II we send you 3 razor heads (Cartridges). Similarly for Belle I- You receive 2 razor heads (Cartridges) and with Belle II, we send you 3 razor heads (cartridges).

Que. - Where are your razors manufactured?

Ans. - Our razors are proudly made in the USA.

Que. - How can I contact you?

Ans. - In the extremely unlikely case you not liking our product, or for any other reason, please send us an email at info@myshavingclub.com